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Work in Progress: Fish Tank

We talked about getting a fish tank…

Sept 2013- home 008

We went to our local fish store and attempted to get just a little goldfish but after getting more than enough info about tanks, fish, habitats, and water we decided to get a five gallon tank. Plus the folks working at the fish store are very passionate about their fish, they wouldn’t even let us get a goldfish for not having the right equipment.

We spent more than two hours in the store the first day…which is super easy because of all the cool tanks and fish they have to look at!


Sept 2013- home 009

Day One-tank with peddles

Sept 2013- home 018

We wanted more options for the kinds of fish we could get so we also bought a heater to keep the water at or around 80 degrees

Sept 2013- home 024

We started also with some plants after having the tank set up for about five days

Sept 2013- home 025

I’m really happy with our tank, it’s the perfect size and we’ve got a good location for it. I’m excited to have different types of fish instead of always getting a silly gold fish or beta.

Next week we can finally get fish after letting our tank build up some good bacteria! Its sort of awkward having a tank with no fish for about a week now…


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Doughnuts + Birthday

This week was someone’s birthday…

Sept 2013- home 070

This cutie turned 22!

Instead of a traditional birthday cake, I wanted something different. Usually he requests a banana cream pie for his birthday but I can only handle so much pudding and whipped cream before I enter into a dairy coma.

As I searched the web for ideas, I came across a recipe for DOUGHNUTS.

Simple, chocolate doughnuts with sprinkles. 

It was the clear choice for Justin’s 22nd birthday dessert.

I followed the Brown Buttered Baked Doughnut recipe from the blog of Joy the Baker, a personal hero of mine in the kitchen.


This was my first time making homemade doughnuts and surprisingly it was simple! Lucky I had most of all the ingredients on hand other than a doughnut baking pan (I found mine at Joann’s and can’t wait to use it more!) and buttermilk.

Sept 2013- home 057

I paired doughnuts with milk-of course!

Sept 2013- home 068

I loved how the chocolate looks! Yummy!!

Sept 2013- home 064

The doughnuts turned out great with beautiful chocolate dipping and bright sprinkles-the only thing I would change would be to double the original recipe! It only makes 6 doughnuts…they disappeared way too fast!

Over all the birthday boy was happy with his classic chocolate doughnuts, a glass of milk and a new watch.

Here’s the recipe from Joy the Baker:




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Dilly Dip


Recipe: Dill Dip

This easy yet flavorful dip is a family favorite.

My sweet grandma from Wisconsin passed this recipe to my mom who made it at every family dinner/party. It’s a staple within my family. The flavor and smell of fresh dill and smooth sour cream mixed together is the driving force in this dip.

It’s always hard saying goodbye to summer and getting back into the groovy of fall and school. This dip was my way of saying goodbye to summer and making my new kitchen and apartment feel more like home.

Dilly Dip 102

Dilly Dip 097

Grab all the good stuff for this dip

Dilly Dip 022

Mix together mayo and sour cream in a large bowl

Dilly Dip 050

Chop the onion and dill

 Dilly Dip 040

Next mix together the chopped onion and dill in the large bowl with mayo and sour cream. Mix well. Add spices. Cover and place in the refrigerator over night or at least for 6 hours.

Dilly Dip 061

Bring out the veggies and chips! IT’S DIP TIME!

This dip is gone in about two days when my boyfriend is around! He loves it!

Dilly Dip 065

Dill Dip

Makes one large bowl

1 cup Sour Cream

3 tablespoon Mayo

1/4 cup of finely chopped onion

Handful of chopped Dill

Accent seasoning, nature’s seasoning, Spike I couldn’t find Accent at my local natural store so I used Spike and garlic salt which worked fine

Serve with potato chips, carrots, cucumbers & other veggies! Super good as a spread on sandwiches.


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