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Doughnuts + Birthday

This week was someone’s birthday…

Sept 2013- home 070

This cutie turned 22!

Instead of a traditional birthday cake, I wanted something different. Usually he requests a banana cream pie for his birthday but I can only handle so much pudding and whipped cream before I enter into a dairy coma.

As I searched the web for ideas, I came across a recipe for DOUGHNUTS.

Simple, chocolate doughnuts with sprinkles. 

It was the clear choice for Justin’s 22nd birthday dessert.

I followed the Brown Buttered Baked Doughnut recipe from the blog of Joy the Baker, a personal hero of mine in the kitchen.


This was my first time making homemade doughnuts and surprisingly it was simple! Lucky I had most of all the ingredients on hand other than a doughnut baking pan (I found mine at Joann’s and can’t wait to use it more!) and buttermilk.

Sept 2013- home 057

I paired doughnuts with milk-of course!

Sept 2013- home 068

I loved how the chocolate looks! Yummy!!

Sept 2013- home 064

The doughnuts turned out great with beautiful chocolate dipping and bright sprinkles-the only thing I would change would be to double the original recipe! It only makes 6 doughnuts…they disappeared way too fast!

Over all the birthday boy was happy with his classic chocolate doughnuts, a glass of milk and a new watch.

Here’s the recipe from Joy the Baker:




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