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Work in Progress: Fish Tank

We talked about getting a fish tank…

Sept 2013- home 008

We went to our local fish store and attempted to get just a little goldfish but after getting more than enough info about tanks, fish, habitats, and water we decided to get a five gallon tank. Plus the folks working at the fish store are very passionate about their fish, they wouldn’t even let us get a goldfish for not having the right equipment.

We spent more than two hours in the store the first day…which is super easy because of all the cool tanks and fish they have to look at!


Sept 2013- home 009

Day One-tank with peddles

Sept 2013- home 018

We wanted more options for the kinds of fish we could get so we also bought a heater to keep the water at or around 80 degrees

Sept 2013- home 024

We started also with some plants after having the tank set up for about five days

Sept 2013- home 025

I’m really happy with our tank, it’s the perfect size and we’ve got a good location for it. I’m excited to have different types of fish instead of always getting a silly gold fish or beta.

Next week we can finally get fish after letting our tank build up some good bacteria! Its sort of awkward having a tank with no fish for about a week now…


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